Garlicoin Mining Profitability Calculator

Your Hashrate (MH/s):

Global Hashrate (MH/s):

Value of 1 Garlicoin (USD):

Mining Reward:

Energy Use (watts):

Energy Price (kWh):

example: 0.15 = 15 cents per kWh

Find network/global hash rate @ FreshGRLC

Find block reward size and network/global hash rate @

Find garlicoin value @ CoinMarketCap

Formulas Used:

Hours Per Block (thanks to Nuc):

X = Your Hashrate in MH/s / Global Hashrate MH/s

41 Seconds Per Block / X / 3600 Secs Per Hour = Mining Hours Per Block


1 / Mining Hours Per Block = Mining Rate Per Hour

Mining Rate Per Hour * Mining Block Reward = GRLC per Hour


Energy Use in watts / 1000 (kWh) * Energy Price = Price of Energy Used Per Hour

Super Garlic

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